Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

The Royal School is committed to developing the whole individual and believes a young person will not meet their full potential unless they are in a secure environment where they feel valued and cared for.

The Pastoral Care Team 

Here at The Royal School, we pride ourselves on our pastoral care and wellbeing. Our unwavering belief in personalisation provides an excellent foundation for all pupils to be treated as individuals, allowing them to obtain bespoke support whenever they need it. Every member of staff is a vital member of The Pastoral Care Team. We lead by example, we communicate efficiently and effectively and most importantly, we care. We want the best for everyone and staff will support pupils in whichever way works for that individual.

Our school is divided into smaller, more accessible sections, led by our Heads of Section.

  • Lower School – Years 7 and 8 (Head of Section: Mr Taylor-Gooby)
  • Upper School – Years 9, 10, 11 (Head of Section: Mrs Salt)
  • Sixth Form – Years 12 and 13 (Head of Section: Mrs Valerie Henbury-Demargne)

Each year group is formed into tutor groups where a pupil’s tutor is the first point of contact for pupils, staff and parents. The relationships between our tutors and their tutees are incredibly strong and new pupils are welcomed wholeheartedly with an induction programme and a buddy, at any time during the school year. Year 7 pupils are also buddied up with a Year 13 student on their first day of school.

A whole school assembly marks the beginning of each week and each section provides its own tailored assembly enhancing the sense of community and belonging amongst the pupils. Our PSHE/RSE and Future Ready Programmes aid this sense of identity and encourage pupils to develop a sense of reflection, purpose and culture on an individual, local, national and global scale.

The combination of academic and pastoral support epitomises the culture of communication and sense of working together at The Royal School. Our SEND provision is a perfect example of this, taking into account our pupils’ academic support and their pastoral requirements simultaneously. Our pupils are well looked after, with plenty of 1:1 input. As a results, they demonstrate increased progress both in class and emotionally.

SEND Provision

At The Royal School we aim to support our SEND pupils in all aspects of their education in order to reach their full potential, achieve their personal best and enjoy learning. Before offering a place at the school, we look closely at prospective pupils’ academic records, entrance papers and any relevant reports identifying a learning need. If we are able to support their needs, we aim to put in place any help needed as soon as the pupil enters the school. 

All pupils on the School’s Special Educational Needs and Disability register are monitored regularly, and are formally reviewed at the end of the academic year. Our SENDCo can carry out assessments and updates so that exam access arrangements can be put in place. If necessary, we can also recommend educational psychologists or specialist assessors who can visit the school in order to carry out assessments. Support continues as long as it is deemed necessary and is reviewed regularly. Our SEND Policy can be found here.