Boarding Options

At The Royal School, we offer a number of contemporary boarding options to suit modern family life, each bringing different individual benefits.

Full, weekly and flexi boarding can support families by allowing parents and children to find the right solution for them. Boarding in the 21st century is structured to complement academic life, promoting independence, allowing boarders to become fully immersed in school life, developing a strong sense of belonging and an understanding of different cultures.

Our Boarding Options

  • Up to 3 nights: Family Friendly Boarding
  • 4/5 nights: Weekly Boarding
  • 7 nights, term time only: Traditional Full Boarding

    Our diverse community of British and international boarders live together as one family, seven days a week. Full time boarders enjoy all the same enriching activities as our weekly boarders plus a jam-packed weekend activity programme. There is so much to choose from, be it a visit to the capital to experience the Tate, The Natural History Museum, shopping excursions to Oxford Street, to active outdoor adventures such as trampolining, paintballing, bowling, ice skating or day outings to local seaside resorts such as Little Hampton, Portsmouth, and Southampton.

    Music and drama rehearsals and whole school events also take place on some weekends along with our popular #SuperSaturday sports.


    Weekly boarding can offer a happy balance of home and school life. Pupils board Monday to Friday and return home for the weekend, although some opt to stay for the weekend depending on sporting and social activities taking place at school. 

    There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities available to all pupils during lunchtimes or immediately after school. Additional activities are offered to the boarders which include sports, film nights, board games and craft based sessions. Some of these sessions are based in school and others are in the surrounding area.  



    Pupils can flexi-board at any time of the school year and some  stay on the same nights every week, some for an extended period while their parents are away or some stay just for the occasional night. Pupils who plan to board in the Sixth Form may find it helpful as the first step to being away from home in preparation for university.

    Flexi-boarding is a popular choice to introduce pupils to boarding, especially our younger pupils. The extended day allows pupils to take part in the many after school extra-curricular activities, take full advantage of our supervised homework club and build future ready skills.

    Spaces are booked in advance for each term for specific days. Some days of the week are particularly popular, so we suggest booking spaces as early as possible. We operate a waiting list if all spaces have been booked.

    An initial inquiry can be made directly with the boarding house, simply email us at