International Admissions

The Royal School’s International Department welcomes pupils from all over the world. We understand how it feels to be in a different environment away from home and in a significantly new culture. All of the teachers in our department have lived, studied and taught in other countries outside the UK. Licensed by the UKVI as a Student route sponsor, we have an excellent track record of sponsoring international pupils and their visa applications.

Our international pupils do not have English as their first language and therefore we recognise that they need additional support in order to gain the most from their studies across the curriculum. English language learners work towards internationally recognised qualifications including Cambridge University Language Assessment Examinations (e.g. IELTS) and IGCSE in English as a Second Language. These ensure our students are fully equipped with the correct language requirements for university entrance.

Upon receipt of the registration form and fee, candidates will be asked to complete the School’s assessment papers in English and Mathematics and supply reports from their current school. Candidates are also required to attend an interview via Teams with the Head of the International Department.

The Royal School recognises the value of Educational Agents representing overseas pupils who wish to apply to study at the school and aims to ensure the admissions process is accessible. An agency agreement will be issued and updated annually in addition to a Certificate of Affiliation which the agency will receive. All certificates and agreements are valid for one academic year and will be reviewed and updated annually.

Please contact the Admissions Team at any time by email via  or by telephone on + 44 1428 603051.