International Courses

Years 7 to 9
Key Stage 3 Course

Pupils enjoy a broad and well-balanced curriculum, including science, maths, mainstream English, PE, games, Future Ready, PSHE/RSE, a modern foreign language (French or Spanish), humanities and creative subjects including design and technology, computing, music, art, textiles and drama. Pupils benefit from small classes and education is tailored to meet their individual needs

  • Pupils are fully immersed in the school, joining the main school for the majority of their lessons whilst receiving intensive English language tuition. 
  • Each pupil's curriculum is recommended by the Director of Studies following the School’s own assessment papers, interview and recent school reports. 
  • All International pupils are reassessed when they first join the school. 
  • International pupils joining in Year 7 benefit significantly from joining the school at this age. 

Years 10 & 11
Two Year GCSE Course

  • Depending on the pupil’s age and English ability, they may be offered a place on the two year GCSE course. 
  • Pupils can study up to 9 GCSEs in addition to English as an Additional Language (EAL) qualification.
  • Pupils completing the two year course may apply to join the school’s Sixth Form to continue their studies. 
  • On all courses at the school pupils’ timetables will include, Sport and PSHE/RSE (Personal, Social and Health Education/Relationships and Sex Education). 

Year 11
One Year GCSE Course

Our one-year course for Year 11 pupils has been designed to allow international pupils to sit GCSEs but is offered in one academic year instead of the standard two-year course UK pupils follow. The course is suitable for pupils aged 15 and 16 who may have transferred to the UK at the end of Year 10 (or equivalent) and therefore need to complete their GCSE studies in one year. The course is also suitable for those international pupils who wish to study A levels, BTECS but who first need an introduction to the British curriculum, seen as a pre-A level course.

Over the course of one year, learners study up to six GCSEs, depending on ability. Click here to find out more.   

Years 12 & 13
Sixth Form

Year 12 is a pivotal year for pupils as they progress from the nurtured learning environment of GCSEs to the more independent and focussed study of A levels or BTEC. A level and BTEC courses are available across a range of subjects, from traditional academic to sport and the creative arts. The majority of sixth form pupils study three subjects at A level and take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to develop their independent study and research skills.

All international pupils study IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which is required for university. Pupils can take the examination as soon as they are ready.

Once pupils have the required IELTS score pupils can opt to continue with their EAL lessons if it will help them with their A level studies. Pupils work with our Careers Advisor to ensure their IELTS score are appropiate for their university aspirations. Pupils can sit the exam more than once.

Short Stay Programmes

The Royal School's Short Stay Programme provides pupils with the opportunity to experience life at a leading independent  Surrey boarding school located just 50 minute train journey from central London.

Pupils can choose from different Short Stay Programmes ranging from short immersion, 2 weeks to a whole academic year.

  • Pupils will benefit from a fully supportive programme to develop and improve their English language
  • A wide range of lessons & enriching activities
  • A fun experience with British and other international pupils.

British Cultural Programme 

The Royal School recognises the need to not just educate International pupils in the English language, but to also educate pupils in the British culture. Pupils have informal discussions and conduct research on a variety of topics including the British Political System, bank accounts, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, British cities, important festivals and celebrations and other areas of interest such as table manners, supermarket shopping and many things that do not fall in the normal curriculum. The programme is tailored to meet each group’s particular needs and interests.

The school’s excellent location near the market town of Haslemere and to London allows for trips to restaurants, heritage visits and shopping! 

For further information or just an informal chat, please call 01428 603051 or email