Welcome to Boarding

Open the door to our boarding house and you will find smiling and happy boarders. You will feel the warmth of their welcome and find a place buzzing with energy. 

We would like to welcome you to the QEII boarding house, where we nurture a friendly atmosphere, working together to encourage an ethos of respect and care to develop a strong supportive community for all boarders Years 8 to 13. A combination of our values and the encouragement of every individual boarder to fulfil themselves whilst taking a full part in the family life of the boarding house are what make us unique.  Collaboration and support for each other are strongly engrained in what we do and how we do it. 

Boarders are provided with plenty of opportunities and support to help them become confident, independent-thinking individuals who combine a strong sense of self-worth with respect for other people. It is our hope that pupils feel proud to be boarders at The Royal School and that, in later life, they look back on the experience as having been both enriching and formative. 

Our commitment to our boarders and their parents is that every voice is heard. We will always go an extra mile to help and support our boarders and guide them on their exciting journey to adulthood and ensure that The Royal School boarder grows into an inquisitive, well-balanced, well-informed and finely mannered young person who will cherish memories of their boarding years at The Royal School. 

Welcome to The Royal Boarding