Becoming Future Ready

A key part of preparing our Sixth Form students for adult life is ensuring they have had the opportunity to develop the skills needed for life post education.  


Skills in reflection and self-management is an area which has grown in recent times and in recognition of this, all students have the opportunity to participate in a wide selection of personal and professional skills units; these include components on health, well-being, personal awareness and communication. 

Example units: Influencing, Interviews, Negotiation, Self-Management, Image Awareness, Public Speaking, First Aid, Well-Being, Driver Awareness, Personal Finance. 


In the Royal Sixth Form we encourage students to be emotionally intelligent; our Service element focuses on leadership, respect, empathy and sensitivity to others.  All Sixth Formers are made Prefects upon joining the Sixth Form as a mark of their maturity and greater responsibility and owing to this they are expected to contribute to the school and wider community. 

Example units: Peer mentoring, Duke of Edinburgh Award, annual Charity Dinner, House meetings or committee membership.


A series of lectures and tutorials are delivered by leading figures from every sphere of life; the lectures broaden students’ outlook and help them become more rounded adults.   

Example themes: Human Rights, Sexual Health, ‘Your Future in Europe’ Paris Trip, Moving On, Holocaust Memorial, So You Think You Know About Drugs, Population Matters, eSafety. 


A comprehensive and dynamic Careers programme helps prepare students for the world of work and Higher Education. Guided by the Careers team, Royal Sixth Formers have the opportunity to display inner drive and determination by organising work experience and volunteering opportunities, including international placements. Coupled with the opportunities available through Young Enterprise, our students have honed their business acumen and some, even maximised upon international opportunities.  

Our Careers service truly allows students to discover where their passion lies. They can discuss plans and ideas which they want to investigate as a potential career choice, throughout their time in the RSF.  Personalised, often 1:1 guidance, is readily available, as are group seminars on how to write the perfect personal statement, interview well or select the right course or university. 

Super-Curriculum (Academic Enrichment) 

These activities and opportunities take you above and beyond the standard curriculum. 

Each teacher organises trips based upon enriching the academic experience for students in their classes. This can include university style lectures, Oxbridge, Medical or Veterinary Application preparation seminars and interview practise and MOOCs. These build on the opportunities made available through every A level subject’s need for individual wider reading and the encouragement to complete an EPQ.  

Students with a passion for an unusual subject or an area not already catered for are encouraged to start their own society and enthuse others.  

All of this lends itself to an excellent personal statement, interview or covering letter which gives our students the edge over competitive positions.