Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Happiness is key to academic excellence, which is why we prioritise the wellbeing of our pupils.

RSF tutors are an experienced team who work together to offer in-depth support, advice and encouragement. Through Year 12 and 13 collaborative activities, students are encouraged to work together as a cohesive Sixth Form body. This positive and co-operative atmosphere is reinforced by joint extra-curricular activities, such as charity and community work.

The pastoral care for every Sixth Former offers personalised advice both for students’ academic and pastoral growth. The Tutors adopt a holistic approach to ensure each student’s all-round progress.  Both in-house and external talks focus on handling the pressures surrounding drugs, alcohol and screen dependency. A very successful Safe Drive Stay Alive programme, as well as discussion groups that focus on managing money at university, provides students with the chance to focus on issues acutely related to their stage of growth. 

We recognise our duty to ensure that every young person receives differentiated care. Students who need extra support are quickly identified by our pastoral team and all staff members take responsibility for the wellbeing of every student. For more specific needs, Form Tutors, the Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Head Pastoral, School Nurse and the School Counsellor can work together to help sustain students’ happiness and progress.