Careers education and guidance at The Royal School gives individual, positive support to each pupil, enabling them to aspire and achieve.

At The Royal School we take Careers seriously.  We are connected, versatile, relevant and friendly. Careers education is integrated into the curriculum from Year 7 through to Year 11, and enhanced by events, activities and input from external contacts, parents and organisations.  Our School Governors actively support and engage with our work.

Our Senior School careers programme is flexible and responsive, laying the foundations for aspiration and sound decision-making for each individual pupil. In Years 7 and 8, pupils are encouraged to research and reflect on their changing ideas and interests; in Year 9 pupils are guided in preparation for making GCSE choices, and undertake a ‘Day in Business’. In Year 10, pupils undertake further career research, develop career management skills and receive interview practice with external interviewers. In Year 11, all pupils receive intensive careers lessons, have at least one individual guidance interview, and undertake the Morrisby Online psychometric assessment to strengthen their self-awareness and decision-making. 

We are professional.  Our qualified Careers Adviser works to maximise our external contacts.  As a member school of the CDI (Career Development Institute, the professional body for Careers practitioners in the UK) our work is anchored by best practice, whilst embracing creativity and a sense of fun.  We connect with universities, training providers and employers and receive valuable additional support from many Royal School parents and past pupils. All students are encouraged to obtain relevant work experience, particularly for competitive study or career pathways.

The School runs two major careers events involving external contributors: a biennial one-day Outlook Conference for pupils in Years 11 and above, and in the alternate year a Careers Fair for those in Year 9 and above. Pupils are encouraged to be curious, have confidence to network and to ask questions. 

Our Careers programme is constantly reviewed to ensure that it is effective and relevant for every pupil.


Elite Applications

“Elite applications” include Oxford and Cambridge, the most competitive vocational courses, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine, as well as competitive degree courses such as Economics and Law at the most sought-after institutions. These may include Russell Group universities such as LSE, Durham, Imperial College and UCL.

Oxford University and Cambridge University explicitly state that their main aim is to select the most able students who will make the best use of their superb resources and their very particular teaching styles.  The most important criteria for Oxbridge entry are high examination scores, a demonstrable ability and interest in a chosen field of study, a robust personality and work ethic to cope with the demands of the course and concomitant intellectual engagement.

Mr Paul Norman, Head of Sixth Form, is our co-ordinator for all elite applications. In advance of joining the Sixth Form, students who have the potential for an elite application will already be able to demonstrate their natural ability to achieve strong academic results across a wide range of subjects, for example in their GCSEs; they will enjoy working hard, reading and demonstrating an enquiring mind. Pupils in Year 10 and Year 11 who aspire and show potential will be encouraged to attend relevant taster courses and open days at Oxford or Cambridge, or other similar opportunities.

In the Sixth Form, we offer a tailored programme of support for students who have the potential for an elite application.  This is in addition to the comprehensive, individual support that all students receive in regard to their planning for university, college or other training courses or gap year.

Our specialist, flexible programme of support for elite applications begins at any time from Year 10 upwards, continuing through to the end of the university interview process in the autumn or spring of the Upper Sixth:

  • Identification of those with the academic potential and interest in an elite application
  • Briefing on the application processes and research required
  • Weekly tutorials, run by a Sixth Form Tutor or subject-specialist member of staff, to offer additional study and support wider reading and discussion
  • Opportunities to prepare for additional admission exams, such as TSA, LNAT, BMAT or UKCAT
  • Interview practice and feedback
  • For International students, support to ensure they have the high standard required in oral and written English Language
  • Individual support in decision-making, to ensure realistic expectations and appropriate range of alternative choices for UCAS or other options.

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