Becoming Future Ready


The aim of our unique Future Ready programme is to provide opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum and to develop skills that will ensure our children are future ready for a rapidly changing world. The indication is that *65% of today’s students will be doing jobs that don’t exist yet. (*Report by Microsoft and The Future Laboratory)

Our commitment is, therefore, to instil in our pupils the skills that employers want, skills that will allow them to succeed in a world increasingly reliant on Artificial Intelligence. Employers in the future will prize more highly than ever the skills that make us uniquely human such as creativity and having the ability to collaborate effectively.


Alongside the Future Ready behaviours embedded across the curriculum, all pupils have a weekly dedicated Future Ready lesson. This is a lesson that is offered in addition to the traditional curriculum

At the Prep School, we develop:

  • technological and practical skills
  • social and emotional intelligence 
  • constructive self-confidence and resilience 

Technological and practical skills: Selling their creations at the entrepreneurs' fair, building battery powered kit cars to race at competitions, creating robots 

Social and emotional intelligence: Learning about different parts of society, deveoping an understanding of environmental matters and rights and responsibilities

Constructive self-confidence and resilience: Developing their communication skills - how to deliver presentations or engage in debates, learning leadership skills and how to take measured risks and to step out of their comfort zones

At the Senior School and Sixth Form, we have a bespoke programme to ensure the pupils are: 

  • Practically Ready 
  • Intellectually Ready  
  • Emotionally Ready 

Practically ready: Building a car and racing at Goodwood, First aid course, changing a tyre, building a fire and bushcraft skills, careers guidance

Intellectually ready: How to manage your money, critical thinking skills, how to engage an audience when you speak publicly

Emotionally ready: Create a podcast suggesting how to revise effectively and strategies to avoid stress, become a mental health first aider, exploring the art of wellbeing

And so much more...

Parents are kept informed with emails home if a pupil is awarded Future Ready points when they exhibit any of those behaviours to an impressive degree.