Future Ready


Our new Future Ready programme is a unique initiative that spans across the Prep, Senior School and Sixth Form. At the Prep School, there is an emphasis on equipping the children with technological and practical skills, social and emotional intelligence, and constructive self-confidence and resilience. Through this programme, we shall be expanding the children's personal development, opening their eyes to the world beyond the school gates and equipping them with skills for the future.


Our Future Ready Programme instils the following reflective mindsets and behaviours to help pupils make choices and develop behaviours to improve their wellbeing and to cope when the unexpected and challenging occurs.


  • I think of solutions when I meet a problem
  • I keep going when tasks are difficult
  • I ask myself ‘What shall I try next?’


  • I see the bigger picture
  • I express ideas imaginatively
  • I value originality and produce original work


  • I respond to my teachers’ feedback
  • I use understanding of myself to help me progress
  • I empathise with others which helps my understanding


  • I work effectively with any given person
  • I can be a leader or a team player
  • I offer and adapt my contributions to help reach a common goal


  • I do things without being asked
  • I look ahead to see what I can do next
  • I suggest ideas to help improve outcomes








Finance & Entrepreneurship

From making piggy banks, saving their pennies, to organising fund-raising events, setting up micro-businesses and taking part in trading days, our children develop financial management skills in a fun and practical way.

Robotics, Engineering & Technology

In this exciting section, our children develop technological and practical skills to be the next generation of engineers. They learn how to build robots, operate drones and construct and race a green powered car from scratch.

Social Responsibility

With an increasing occurrence of global crises, it is critical that our children understand their role in making a positive difference in the world. They develop a deep awareness of issues such as Fair Trade, Environmental matters, Rights and Responsibilities.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Our children develop a sense of pride in belonging to an interesting and varied world. Learning more about the experiences and different stages and walks of life, such as the homeless, the disabled and the elderly, enables them to collaborate effectively.

Public Speaking

With the virtual world taking a front row position in communication, it is vital that our children develop the skills and confidence to talk effectively in a range of face-to-face scenarios.  In this section, our children learn how to deliver monologues, engage in debates and give presentations.

Adventure, Fitness & Wellness

Using adventure and fitness in a fun and challenging way to create a thirst for outdoor activity is a great opportunity to develop adaptability and leadership skills. Our children learn to take measured risks, step out of their comfort zone and test their limits.