Teresa Bowden

Director of Studies

My current role as director of studies allows me to teach maths, the subject I love, whilst being central to the academic running of the school. I also enjoy sharing my love of the outdoors through The Royal School Adventure Club that has been running since I joined 10 years ago.

I grew up in Pembrokeshire and always loved sport and having adventures outdoors. My passion for sport began as a Welsh international athlete and continued at university where I started playing rugby, eventually playing in the 2003 World Cup in Barcelona where we lost to New Zealand in the final. After university I spent a year at an outdoor pursuits centre on the shores of Coniston Water where I loved learning rock-climbing, sailing, kayaking and staying safe in the mountains. I saw firsthand the impact of these activities on young peoples’ characters and thoroughly enjoyed living in such a beautiful environment. These experiences all fed into my desire to become a teacher and share my passions with the next generation of young people. Having always loved the logical nature of mathematics, teaching the subject was a natural progression. The problem solving aspect of timetabling was a welcome challenge when I got the opportunity to plan and implement the whole school curriculum a few years ago following my return to full-time teaching after having two children.

What's the most exciting project you’re working on right now and what makes it so interesting?

Starting the GCSE options process with current Y9 pupils. It is such an exciting time and I love working with such a fantastic team, including Mrs Fry (careers advisor), form tutors, heads of department and Mrs Salt (Head of Section). We have developed a curriculum that benefits all pupils, challenging the most able but also allowing those who need more support to have extra lessons in the core subjects. We also encourage our elite sports people to adapt their curriculum to support the additional time needed to pursue their goals. As a maths teacher, I also love the challenge that an extra GCSE in further maths gives.

What do you love most about your job and why?

I love the people that are The Royal School community, from Ant Marks who does such a super job looking after the grounds to all the teachers and support staff I work with daily. It is such a beautiful site to work at and the view from my office over the Surrey Hills is amazing.  We are very lucky!

What is a fun fact no one knows about you?

I have climbed Mont Blanc.

Who inspires you?

Gill Burns was a huge inspiration whilst I was a novice rugby player and I was lucky enough to play with her at both Waterloo Rugby Club and with England at the 2003 World Cup.  

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

I love reading and my favourite books this year have been ‘The Marriage Portrait’ by Maggie O’Farrell and ‘Demon Copperhead’ by Barbara Kingsolver.

What single item would you take on a deserted island?

Sun cream as I burn easily and need to protect my skin! If I could, I would take my husband as he could solve the numerous problems that would occur and be the company that I would need!

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

It would be a cold, sunny winter's day and I would start by getting out for a long walk with friends, stopping at a café for a coffee and lots of cake. Later on, I would watch a film with my family with the log burner on and a huge bowl of popcorn!

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Your #FutureReady top tip?

Get outside, be active and think about what you eat.