Welcome to Sixth Form

The Royal Sixth Form is the best possible place for you to evolve from school child to young adult and prepare you for all that your future will hold.

We know how exciting it is to leave the constraints of school and instead focus on what you love doing the most. At RSF, we have an exemplary track-record for supporting our students in whichever academic direction they choose . This is all underpinned through our excellent pastoral care which ensures that every student has the opportunity to develop, ready for their individual next steps.

The start of Year 12 is a transformative stage of education. We have expert post-16 teachers who work with their students to ensure a personalised education. This includes subject specific academic enrichment opportunities and EPQs as well as every lesson evidencing harmonised teaching styles to suit every learner.  Research highlights that our teachers’ expertise has ensured that dedicated students have outperformed statistical predictions. 

We develop our out of classroom provision to suit students' enthusiasm and we encourage initiatives so that each student can explore their ideas in a climate where efforts are rewarded and resilience instilled. Students often challenge themselves resulting in ambitious aspirations being fulfilled and empowered young adults emerging. Whether it is in creative arts, sport, STEM, entrepeneurialship, IT or literacy there is an opportunity available either to be joined or initiated. Owing to our connections with The Royal Senior and Prep Schools, RSF students have the opportunity to make welcome charitable and community contributions whilst those more confident can branch out into the local community (or further afield), where our reputation gives them open doors to truly make a difference. 

Owing to the variety of choice, yet closeness of community, we have found that our co-curricular programme not only gives students constructive ways to spend their out of study times, but also gives them fascinating discussion points for interviews and personal statements. Coupled with leadership opportunities such as captainships, Prefect and Head Boy/Girl positions, students can build on their unique aspirations and develop a crucial understanding of the important balance between empowerment and responsibility.

The Royal Sixth Form truly gives students the best of all worlds. With the traditional support of a school, alongside the freedom to follow your own path, the RSF team look forward to building a partnership with you so that your Sixth Form experience ensures you begin building your future, your way.

Mrs Charlotte Lilley

Head of Sixth Form