Remote Learning

The Remote Learning Hub provides details of the educational experience (both academic and extra-curricular), pastoral care, resources and support pupils would receive during a period of remote learning.

Learning Together

“Learning is something that we all need to be good at because our future’s unpredictable… we are all going to need to adapt throughout our lives.” These words are taken from Alex Beard’s introduction to the brilliant documentary ‘The Learning Revolution’. And how they resonate. Children and adults have had to adapt in every sphere of their lives since the outbreak of Covid-19 and The Royal pupils’ ability to adapt has been impressive and will undoubtedly help them to be future ready. 

We have worked to deliver a remote learning programme which as far as possible, emulates the usual timetable. However, there would be some flexibility; pupils may have family commitments and we will have some staff juggling small children with their day of teaching. The flexibility would come in the form in which pupils can access their lessons. There would be work set, lessons pre-recorded that could be accessed at any time and lessons would also be delivered live as we know how important it is seeing teachers and interacting with peers.

Pastoral Care

Excellent pastoral care is at the heart of The Royal School and this is particularly important during remote learning. Looking after our pupils’ well-being is a primary concern and underpins all we do. We are acutely aware that our pupils, like many adults, would find this difficult and so in addition to our comprehensive pastoral care plan for pupils we would also run weekly drop-in clinics for parents. 

A final thought

The situation is one that is constantly changing but we will continue to adapt and respond to changes. Thanks, as always, to parents for your support and understanding and please do keep in close touch.

Stay safe and take care.

Mrs. Pippa Smithson
Head of The Royal School