Prep School

During a period of remote learning, continuity of education would be provided to our children across the school from Reception to Prep 6, via a full and comprehensive remote learning programme, using the online platforms of Tapestry and Google Classroom. 

The school day would run from 8.45am to 3.30pm with two morning breaks, a lunch break and a short afternoon break. 

The majority of our teaching would be delivered ‘live’, proportionate to the age of the children and the appropriateness of their time spent at the computer screen*. The live lessons are complemented by practical activities such as cooking, outdoor learning, regular exercise and sporting challenges.

*Live lessons: 50% to 70% in the Pre-Prep (4 - 7 year olds), 80% - 95% in the Prep (7 - 11 year olds) 

Typical Week of Remote Learning

The typical week for all year groups would include:

  • Daily live registration and ‘meet and greet’ sessions
  • A full timetable of lessons covering all subject areas (Maths, English, Science, IT, History, Geography, R.E., PSHEE, French, Drama, Music, P.E., Art and Design Technology)
  • Regular group reading and 1:1 reading meets with the class teacher
  • Twice weekly live assemblies, including Celebration Assembly with star badges awarded for Courage, Commitment, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity, Compassion and Confidence
  • Online First News - newspaper for children issued weekly
  • Weekly Current Affairs Quiz, including ‘crazy but true’ round with Mrs Daunter
  • Weekly Story Time with Mrs Daunter live from the School Library
  • End of week Golden Time for Pre-Prep
  • End of week live ‘Find it Friday!’ - a fun, lively, game for all the family
  • Reception class also receives daily live phonics lessons, essential to their development in literacy
  • SEND support for those who require closer attention in grasping concepts, aiding organisation and staying on task
  • Immediate feedback to pupils during live lessons, with independent working slots
  • Prompt marking of work via recorded verbal messages and formal written notes on uploaded assignments

Extensions, Enrichment & Inclusivity

In the last period of remote learning this included:

  • Story SLAMS
  • Poetry Writing Competitions
  • Science Enrichment presentations
  • Executive Function tasks
  • Finance Management for Prep 6
  • Big British Bird Watch challenge
  • National Awareness Days
  • A live Tudor Banquet!
  • Royal Relay House Sporting Challenge
  • Class Music Concerts - where every child performs!

The children also benefit from being sent the weekly online First News, a newspaper for children, which keeps them well informed and connected to what is going on in the world.

Parents receive weekly email updates from the class teacher and have direct communication channels to the teachers. 

The Head of Pastoral Care continues to monitor the wellbeing of all pupils, liaising regularly throughout the week with the teachers and the school nurses.