The Arts

Performing Arts is considered a strength at The Royal School and plays an important role in developing children’s confidence and presentation skills as well as their ability to work with each other, to be led and to lead. Music, Drama and Ballet are all taught by specialist teachers. 

All Royal Prep School pupils have weekly music lessons in which they take part in singing, composing, listening and musical appreciation. In addition, in Prep 5 and Prep 6, children combine for a dedicated Prep Choir lesson. The Prep Choir enjoy the privilege of performing at various assemblies and events throughout the year. 

Over half of all Prep School pupils take individual music lessons within the school, and many work towards public examinations. Our flourishing orchestra performs in school assemblies as well as at special occasions such as Prize Giving. 

Drama is also part of the curriculum for children in Prep 1 to Prep 6 and covers a range of skills including character creation, public speaking and performance techniques. 

Prep 5 and Prep 6 put on a production at the end of the Spring Term; past productions include Bugsy Malone , The Amazing Adventures of Superstan and Pirates of the Curry Bean. Pre-Prep perform a Nativity at the end of the Autumn Term and Prep 3 and Prep 4 have the opportunity to showcase their performing talents at regular class assemblies. 

Ballet is taught within the curriculum to those in the Pre-Prep and pupils work towards public examinations. 

Art and Design and Design Technology are popular subjects at the Prep School. Pupils benefit from a designated Art/DT Room. Each year, we have an Arts Week, during which the pupils study a theme through Art, Dance, Design Technology, Drama, Music and Creative Literature, which culminates in a visual art exhibition.