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The Royal Prep School is fortunate enough to share the excellent facilities used by The Royal Senior School. Our extensive grounds, including pitches and woodland, provide the opportunity for outdoor pursuits of many kinds. 

Boys and girls are encouraged to try a variety of different sports both through curriculum lessons and through the many clubs offered as part of our Extended Day. We recognise the importance of sport in the physical, mental and social development of children and its role in a healthy lifestyle. Pupils are taught by both male and female sports teachers and children have the opportunity to represent the School in sporting fixtures and competitions from Prep 3. 

In Pre-Prep, the focus is on developing fitness, coordination, control and ball skills. Children experience running, football, kwik cricket, tag rugby, gymnastics, dance and pop lacrosse. Regular swimming lessons are also part of the curriculum from Reception to Prep 6. 

In the Prep department, pupils hone their skills and have a greater exposure to match play as they embark upon a series of fixtures against other schools. Their games lessons focus upon fitness, skills acquisition, rules, team positions, techniques and tactics. In the winter, the timetable includes gymnastics, football, cross country and rugby (boys) and gymnastics, dance, lacrosse, cross country and netball (girls). In the summer, the girls take part in athletics, cricket and rounders, whilst the boys do athletics and cricket. 

Our very popular extra-curricular clubs complement the sporting curriculum and provide further specialist tuition in football, rugby, netball, golf, tennis, judo, gymnastics, ballet, running and fitness.