Meet our Parents

Prep School Case Studies

  • Reception and Prep 1 Parent

    The Royal School is like a warm cosy blanket, wrapping its comforting arms around our children and enveloping them in the kind of welcoming, happy, homely environment that brings out the best in them, both academically and in every aspect of their wellbeing.

    We have experienced the exceptional pastoral care offered by the Royal School first-hand with both of our children and we have been so impressed by what they have achieved that we are recommending them to everyone we meet! 

    Our daughter attended Little Sailors Nursery at The Royal School but went to our local village school for Reception. We quickly realised the error of our ways though, when she became quite withdrawn and shy and was struggling to learn in the larger class size, so she joined The Royal School again in Year 1. She immediately relaxed back into the familiar, comforting environment and with some additional learning support from the amazing SENCO and her class teachers, our daughter is now flourishing. Much to our delight, she is back to the confident, funny and happy little girl that we know and love, she adores school and has made friends for life we are sure. Thanks to the care and attention of the fantastic Royal School team, she is growing into a determined and well-rounded student and we could not be more grateful for all of the love and support that the school has shown her. The pastoral care is second to none and we have been astonished by the results, we only wish we had kept her at the school from day one!

    In contrast, our son has followed The Royal School journey from Daycare, to Nursery and now into Reception and we have seen the difference immediately compared to how our daughter experienced the transition into another school. Our son has settled without a second thought into Reception and has been effortlessly transitioned by the amazing team at the school. He is already reading which seems like a miracle after only one term and is loving Maths and every aspect of school life.

    One of the greatest assets of The Royal School is the abundance of outdoor space which is used at every opportunity to further the children's learning potential and it is perfect for our little boy who loves nothing more than exploring in the great outdoors! We are certain that this is paying dividends with his learning because it is a hands-on approach that involves all of his senses and is contributing to his development into a well-rounded individual who loves learning. 

    We have seen the excellent pastoral care at The Royal School come into action again with our son because he has had some problems with his speech which were identified early on by his lovely class teacher who has offered lots of additional support and guidance to him and to us. The school have yet again proven why their special blend of academic focus and pastoral support is a match made in heaven. We couldn't be happier to send our children to The Royal School and look forward to seeing their continued progress as the journey continues. 

    Positivity during the pandemic

    The school’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic has been exceptional. The school has supported us completely throughout the lockdown with an extensive programme of home learning including timetabled lessons, online tutorials and interactive classes with their peers.

    The teaching staff adapted brilliantly and so quickly to deliver a full academic timetable no matter what the circumstances and even managed to put on a virtual nativity!

    All of this has been led expertly by the unflappable Prep School Head, Mrs Daunter, who has steered The Royal Prep School ship through this unprecedented storm and provided shelter for our children in their time of need.

    Final Thoughts

    We will be forever grateful to Mrs Daunter and the entire Royal School team for their determination, hard work and personal sacrifice to ensure that our children have continued to learn and progress throughout the pandemic and that their mental and physical wellbeing has been protected so whole heartedly, we don't know how they have done it but somehow, they always find a way! We cannot recommend The Royal School enough if you are looking for a safe haven for your children where they will be nurtured and encouraged to shine every single day. 

  • Reception and Prep 4 Parent

    As a family, we were searching for a school for our two small girls which provided academic excellence and stretch, but within a nurturing environment where delivery of the curriculum was both creative and thoughtful.  Luckily for us, we didn’t have to search very far because, just around the corner, there is The Royal School.

    Our older daughter joined the school in Reception and is now in Prep 4. Our younger daughter joined the Little Sailors Nursery at the age of about 12 months and has just moved up to Reception this year. Both are blissfully happy at school and run in enthusiastically every morning, anticipating “a million, squillion fortigrammes of fun” as my littlest puts it.  

    For the youngest children, we have found The Royal School to be a loving and supportive environment, where children are encouraged to explore and experiment as part of their everyday learning. Through the nursery years, our younger daughter received affectionate and consistent care from her dedicated nursery practitioners, who were always prepared to go to great lengths to ensure her needs were met and that she was encouraged to stretch herself when she was capable of achieving the next milestones. It is impossible to fake pride and affection where small children are concerned, and none of us were ever in any doubt about how invested the staff were in our daughter’s progress. This nurturing approach to the care and education of the youngest children persists into Reception and we have been so impressed by the seamless transition that our littlest has made into “big school”.  

    Our older daughter was also a beneficiary of this caring approach, which was especially important for her as she is an August baby and was the youngest in her year for a long while. Her teachers have skilfully balanced her needs for extra emotional and social support with her appetite for being stretched academically. Her achievements have been rewarded with appropriate recognition and this has enabled her to feel very proud of herself. On the occasions when she has had friendship issues, these have always been taken seriously and dealt with diligently by the staff. I am impressed with the way that all staff are involved in the care of each child in the school so that, when a child does have pastoral needs, all of the staff are informed and can act or support if necessary.  

    We have also appreciated the enormous range of activities available at The Royal School.  Music is especially strong, with the exceptional Head of Music being very ambitious for the children. In addition to the timetabled music lessons, the children can join a wide range of choirs and musical ensembles, depending on which instruments they play. There is always room even for the newest beginner and the quality of what they produce is outstanding. 

    The beautiful grounds of the school are also used to the fullest extent, with forest school and outdoor learning being woven into the full curriculum in an imaginative and creative way. 

    Sport is also a big feature, with all the usual sports, including external fixtures, being played in school time. We particularly appreciate this, as there is no need to ferry children around after school for away matches at other locations.  

    Clubs, both at break times and after school, are a big hit with us as parents and with the children themselves.  The range of clubs on offer is astonishing, covering everything from golf, to ballet, robotics, music, gardening and much more besides. For parents who work longer hours, there is a lovely breakfast club and after school provision sufficient to meet the needs of London commuters like us. All of this is done to a consistently high standard, so that we as parents can be sure that our children are happy and engaged with what they are doing.

    Final Thoughts

    Thanks to The Royal School, both of our children are happy and determined learners, safe in the knowledge that they are always supported.  The School’s ethos is very much about pastoral care, and that is not just about teachers caring for children, it is about children learning to respect and be kind to each other. 

    The School’s non-selection policy is an enormous strength. Every child is celebrated for who they are and what they individually can achieve.  The children know instinctively, without having to think about it, that all of their friends are special in different ways and this produces a wonderful harmony across the School. 

    Children who need to be stretched academically get that stretch and achieve to their full ability, but this is done without fanfare. Within the same classroom, children who need extra support get it, and this is also done without fuss.  As a result, children across a wide range of academic abilities coexist happily in the same classroom, each getting what they need and all considering themselves equally valuable as human beings.  It is this which, for us, distinguishes The Royal School as being exceptionally special.