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#StrongStart - here's why


through skilled subject specialists and emotionally intelligent teachers


through a vibrant and diverse extra-curricular programme


building a sense of self belief and confidence in every child

"As Director of a Prep School, I often get asked if investing in The Royal School is really worth it at primary school age. The answer is always a great big YES and from the outset!"

The formative years (0 - 8 years) are critical in a child’s life; a period of rapid cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. There is no other stage in a child’s life when they will develop so quickly. Therefore, the foundations laid in these years have a marked impact on a child’s academic and personal success in the next stage of their education. The quality of education, pastoral care, extra-curricular opportunities and experiences at school shape a child’s future. So why would one wait until partway through an education before providing the best? 

In Surrey and Hampshire, we are fortunate to have an excellent choice of schools on our doorsteps and both the independent schools and maintained schools hold their merit. However, my scales will always tip in favour of independent education: small classes, close attention, rapid personalised progress, lead to confident learners and high achievers. Couple this with extensive co-curricular opportunities and enriched learning experiences, exceptional pastoral care…..YES! Investing in your child’s early education is most definitely worth it.

Dr Annalisa Alexander
Director of The Royal Prep School