Welcome to our Lower School

Children are born with natural curiosity and it is our job to harness this and instill a desire to explore, to learn and to share their knowledge. When children have the confidence to ask questions, to make mistakes and take themselves out of a comfort zone, this is when they achieve most highly and have the ability to make a difference in the world.  Committed to bringing out the best in individuals, we promote a ‘can do’ attitude and a positive mindset.  

Being part of a supportive and caring community, pupils develop a confidence to be themselves and follow their own passions, be that in football, ballet, robotics, the arts or areas of academia. With a broad range of extra-curricular activities on offer, there is something for everyone. The uniqueness of each individual is not only valued, it is celebrated.  

The Royal School is well known for its exceptional pastoral care, enabled by small classes and an emphasis on developing values through character education. Pupils are encouraged to be ambitious without sharp elbows, collaborative but unafraid to take the lead, friendly and respectful. However beautiful our grounds are, there is no doubt that what makes The Royal School most special is the people within it; the pupils are kind and committed, parents are supportive and teachers, engaging. Parents, pupils and teachers alike often refer to us as ‘The Royal School Family’; it has a fantastic energy and a lovely atmosphere.  

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