Prep School 2023 Move

In September 2023, The Royal Prep School (Reception to Year 6) will move to the magnificent Stoatley Hall on The Royal Senior School site in Farnham Lane, Haslemere.

Pupils will complete the 2022/23 academic year at the Hindhead site with no disruption to their learning. They will then transfer to the newly refurbished Stoatley Hall for the start of the new academic year 2023/24.

One site – many benefits

The move will bring practical advantages for parents who have children at both The Royal Prep and Senior School, educational advantages, shared facilities, better collaboration and an even more smooth transition for pupils between the Prep and Senior School. We are excited about the many benefits and opportunities of the whole school being together on one site!

Over the course of 2023 there will be further updates. We will update these pages regularly to keep prospective families informed.