Results 2021

Future Ready Royal Sixth Form students

 ~ Future Ready curriculum prepares students for a rapidly changing world ~

~  Individual approach demonstrated by diversity of courses ~

~ A Level results continue at the high standard of previous years ~

Today (10 August 2021) we celebrate the hard work and commitment of our students who have ensured outcomes are a real credit to them and we wish them every success as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives.

Mrs Pippa Smithson, Head at The Royal School commented: “This group of students have excelled not only academically but also in developing those skills every employer will look for in the future. They have shown initiative, flexibility and incredible tenacity as they embraced remote learning. Pupils kept their cameras on and their engagement high throughout. We pride ourselves on the tight rapport between teacher and student at The Royal; this was particularly critical this year and played a major role in enabling such success.”

As a proudly mixed ability school, The Royal is academically ambitious for all its students and this year is consistent with its excellent academic record. In 2021, there was success right across the curriculum with many students receiving top marks in an impressive range of subjects.

An individual approach

Catering for the individual is at the heart of the school. This is clear in the array of courses students are going on to. On the day, 83% of students achieved their first choice of university, with some still waiting to hear and two thirds are off to Russell Group Universities. The courses range from traditional degrees such as Law and Architecture to highly specialist degrees like Statistics and Computer Science to vocational degrees including Song writing, Illustration and Nursing. 

Among the highest performers is Argy S who will be reading Physics at Bath University. Having experienced the benefits of boarding through flexi boarding (all Sixth Formers have the opportunity to board for two weeknights), Argy chose to become a full boarder in order to focus on his studies and he is delighted he did so. 

Future Ready

The challenges of the year, including a period of remote learning and the change to TAGs (Teacher Assessed Grades), have been met with tenacity, creativity and flexibility by staff and students. The focus of The Royal Sixth Form is on supporting students in whichever direction their passions and interests may take them. Our Future Ready ethos provides opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum to develop future skills. This ensures students are: practically, emotionally and intellectually ready as they move on to the next stage of their lives.

Feedback from students and parents over the year has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“I would like to say on behalf of the year group that the remote learning has been amazing. We are really lucky.” Ottilie, Head Girl and Year 13 student

“The management under United Learning during the last year has been so impressive. Through such unprecedented challenges they have consistently been entirely committed to providing pupils with the absolute best education and support.” Senior School Parent

Well done to all our students in what have been extraordinary times. 

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Focus on the future for GCSE students at The Royal School

~ Congratulations to our Year 11 pupils - who performed well across all subjects ~

~ Focus on the future – New Sixth Form Future Ready programme ~

Today (12 August), The Royal School celebrates the hard work and commitment of its Year 11 pupils, who have today received their GCSE qualifications with strong performances across all subjects. Their grades are a real credit to them and we look forward to building on their successes as they embark on a wide range of A Level courses.

Mrs Pippa Smithson, Head at The Royal School said:

“As ever, our GCSE cohort have done extremely well in the grades they have been awarded today.  But they have achieved a great deal more that is worth recognition and celebration. Over the past 18 months, they have dealt with uncertainty regarding exams and lockdowns; they have adapted quickly and engaged impressively when they were required to learn from home.  They have developed the skills that every employer looks for - resilience, an ability to focus on what they can control and tenacity. I am incredibly proud of them.”

As a proudly, mixed ability school, The Royal is academically ambitious for all its pupils. In this challenging year, pupils performed well across the curriculum and their awards are in line with the high academic standards characteristic of previous years. The Royal School is very proud of all its Year 11 pupils and their achievements.

Focus on the Future

Year 11 pupils have also benefitted from dedicated A Level transition courses to prepare them for their future studies as well as preparation for the EPQ (an independent project based qualification that Royal Sixth Form (RSF) students consistently excel in). The school has also run preparation for next steps sessions and an enrichment week focusing on broadening horizons.  As a result, all those entering The Royal Sixth Form are motivated and engaged for their A Level studies.

Royal Sixth Form

When they join The Royal Sixth Form, students will study a broad range of subjects in small classes with an increasingly independent approach to learning. They will also benefit from a dedicated Future Ready Programme whose objectives are to provide opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum to develop future skills.

Mrs Cerian Parker-Yeates, Head of Sixth Form, said,

“Congratulations to all of The Royal Senior School’s Year 11s! Their dedication has put them into an excellent position to make the most of all of the exceptional opportunities available in the Sixth Form.   With many students joining us from other schools, The Sixth Form Team are looking forward to starting a personalised programme of academic study and enrichment in September”.

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