Prep School Admissions

We encourage all parents to visit the school and meet with our staff and pupils.

In September 2023, the Prep School (Reception to Prep 6) will move to the magnificent Stoatley Hall on the Senior School site. Pupils will complete the 2022/23 academic year at the Hindhead site with no disruption to their learning. They will then transfer to the newly refurbished Stoatley Hall on the Senior School site in Farnham Lane, Haslemere for the start of the new academic year 2023/24. We are excited about the many benefits and opportunities of the whole school being together on one site! 

We encourage all parents to come and visit both our Prep and Senior School sites. A tour is the perfect opportunity to see the school community on an normal day and will help you understand we are anything but ordinary!

In the morning, there is a bright hum as children enjoy a meal in Breakfast Club before school starts. If you visit at lunchtime, you might hear African drumming or handbells, or get a glimpse of our children out enjoying the fresh air and open spaces. Visit after school and you will see many of our pupils taking part in an extra-curricular club (we have over 30 to choose from!) or encounter a quieter, cosy environment as those staying for After School Care have a snack and get on with their homework or relax and play games.   

Once registered, applicants will be invited to a two-day taster visit where they can spend time in one of our classrooms and meet peers and teachers. Assessments in Mathematics and English take place during this visit. The taster days are designed to be enjoyable and relaxed, and no preparation is required. An offer of a place will be determined by the applicant’s level of attainment in relation to that of his / her peer group and his / her relative social and physical development. 

Applications for the Prep School are not restricted to September entry if space is available. 

The majority of our pupils transfer to The Royal Senior School and children from our Prep School do not need to sit the entrance assessments, although they are encouraged – where appropriate – to apply for scholarships alongside external candidates.