The Arts

The Arts are a particular strength and source of pride at The Royal School and develop valuable transferrable skills like organisation, collaboration, presentation and self-confidence. More importantly, it provides access to our heritage in arts and culture and exposes pupils to the finest ideas that have ever been expressed. 

The Royal School offers a good range of specialisms within the Arts, to cater for a wide spectrum of approaches and to cover a broad variety of skills. Art, Design Technology, Drama and Music are taught right through the school and Photography is also offered as a GCSE and A level option. These areas have an ethos of nurturing individual creativity and encouraging talents to flourish, whilst advancing key skills in the individual subjects, such as drawing, developing concepts and understanding and responding to the work of artists and designers. 

  • Art & Design

    Art and Design is seen as a fundamental part of the whole school creative experience. The department aims to nurture and empower each pupil in their appreciation of the role and importance of Art and Design as a creative tool for personal expression and its dynamic role in the world of work.  

    Our Design and Technology curriculum offers a range of technologies in metal, plastic and wood. The facility includes computer aided design and manufacturing, alongside traditional construction techniques and it allows pupils to explore a diverse range of processes, as well as extending their skills in design and making with an awareness of depleting natural resources.  

    Photography is a popular choice for GCSE and A level, allowing pupils to access a creative subject area where they can develop traditional photography skills alongside digital image manipulation and photo editing techniques. After gaining an understanding of working with the principles that underpin photography, pupils branch into their own discoveries and pursue projects that are directed by their own interests and ideas.     

  • Drama

    Drama is a vital part of education at The Royal School. In addition to offering the subject at GCSE and A level, there are many opportunities for pupils to become involved in this exciting area of school life. 

    There is a main Senior School production every year involving Year 7 to Sixth Form performed in our school theatre. Recent productions include Alice, The Wizard of Oz, Missing Dan Nolan, Grease and an evening of extracts from Shakespeare. We also produce a Lower School (Years 7-9) play and an Upper School play each year. 

    The involvement of so many of our pupils in Drama and Theatre Studies is testament to the value we put on educating the whole person. The confidence, self-belief and sheer enjoyment that so many of our pupils have found in the performing arts means that it has always been, and will continue to be, at the heart of school life. Students leave The Royal with a respect and appreciation of Theatre Arts in all their forms. 

  • Music

    Music flourishes at The Royal School and there are many opportunities for students to become involved in this vibrant area of school life.   

    In addition to offering the subject at GCSE and A level the department provides the facilities and framework for interested pupils to become fully involved in a variety of activities. Individual lessons are available in a range of disciplines and visiting music teachers, combined with committed staff, mean that musical talent can be nurtured to its full potential. 

    The facilities available to pupils mean that all musical interests are encouraged. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to perform in solos/duet/trios and both small and large ensembles; regular performances are given by pupils in assemblies, recitals and concerts. In recent years, ensemble performances have included Windsor Chapel and St Paul’s Cathedral.