The aim of the extra-curricular programme is to educate the whole person, and give equal importance to academic, pastoral and extra-curricular aspects of school life. This holistic approach to education is not just an add-on. It is our strong belief that learning takes place beyond the confines of the classroom and, with this in mind, we place creativity, service and action at the heart of the pupil experience at The Royal School.

The broad and enriching extra-curricular programme at The Royal School complements learning in the academic curriculum to provide each student with a skill set that will support them into the future. A well-balanced combination of learning increases the willingness to take calculated risk, develops social interaction, boosts confidence and enhances the development of leadership skills. It has also been found to provide pupils with the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills that are needed to work in a rapidly globalising world, where many may change career several times in the course of their working life. By abandoning their desks and facing new challenges in an environment where risk-taking is nurtured and supported, pupils learn to work in teams and take the initiative. This produces a resilient, versatile and adaptable young person, who is a competent all-rounder.

SUMMER 2024 extra-curricular activity programme

Clubs and Activities

All departments run a club or activities programme designed to extend pupils' academic interests beyond the classroom and develop life skills. Pupils are encouraged to further their own interests in many subjects, even if outside of a common curriculum. There are also a number of key opportunities to attend school lectures and to enter competitions such as the national UKMT Mathematics Challenge and Surrey SATRO.  

Extra-curricular activities offered to Senior School pupils may include: choir, music ensembles, drama, LAMDA, art, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Greenpower race car, hockey, netball, tennis, football, special enrichment days, charity fundraising and Adventure Club to name just a few. 

School visits

Local trips to sculpture parks, science centres, castles, rivers and places of worship are all integral to the curriculum. The School takes full advantage of all that London has to offer, with visits to theatres, museums, galleries, performances and conferences providing further opportunities for enrichment. Various departments organise trips further afield; Year 8 travel to Dartmoor for a Geography and Outdoor Pursuits week, there are language visits to France and Spain and an educational Humanities trip for older pupils.