Welcome to Sixth Form

Welcome to The Royal Sixth Form

Year 12 is a pivotal year for pupils as they progress from the nurtured learning environment of GCSEs to the more independent and focussed study of A levels. 

The Royal School is the ideal place to begin further education and start preparing pupils for their lives beyond the classroom.  

Small classes, dedicated and passionate teaching staff and exemplary pastoral care in a happy and close-knit pupil community provide sixth formers with the opportunity to meet their potential.

A level and BTEC courses are available across a range of subjects, from traditional academic to sport and the creative arts, that will inspire and enrich pupils.  

The highly popular EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) examination helps prepare pupils for university and beyond by developing their research skills, critical thinking and independent study. In addition, the school is committed to developing pupils towards being  ‘future ready’ by providing access to a variety of more practical day-to-day living skills.  

Courses on car maintenance and financial management give pupils the confidence to tackle problems themselves and pupils who seek to take on leadership roles can become involved in the running of the school through captainships, prefect and head student positions.

Flexible boarding is an attractive option for many sixth formers, even those who live locally, who enjoy spending time with their friends outside of school and making the first steps towards leaving home and living independently.

The Royal Sixth Form will not just develop pupils’ learning but provides a fantastic family-oriented environment to help pupils pupils take their first steps towards independence.

Mrs Valerie Henbury-Demargne
Head of Sixth Form

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