Future Ready


In the last quarter of a century, the world has changed significantly, whilst the curriculum at A Level has not altered very much. In a world where AI is significantly prominent, it is more important than ever to make sure we nurture those skills that make us uniquely human. Our new Sixth Form Future Ready Programme is a positive response to these challenges; it provides opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum for students to develop future skills and help them become intellectually, practically, and emotionally ready.

The Future Ready programme is designed to provide students with;

  • Opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum to develop future skills, including transferable skills
  • To equip students with confidence and resourcefulness to know how to think, not what to think
  • To teach students how to understand, control and create technology the right way
  • To develops the whole person by teaching pupils about self-awareness  


Our Future Ready Programme instils the following reflective mindsets and behaviours to help students make choices and develop behaviours to improve their wellbeing and to cope when the unexpected and challenging occurs.


  • I think of solutions when I meet a problem
  • I keep going when tasks are difficult
  • I ask myself ‘What shall I try next?’


  • I see the bigger picture
  • I express ideas imaginatively
  • I value originality and produce original work


  • I respond to my teachers’ feedback
  • I use understanding of myself to help me progress
  • I empathise with others which helps my understanding


  • I work effectively with any given person
  • I can be a leader or a team player
  • I offer and adapt my contributions to help reach a common goal


  • I do things without being asked
  • I look ahead to see what I can do next
  • I suggest ideas to help improve outcomes








Alongside the Future Ready mindset and behaviours being embedded across the curriculum Royal Sixth Formers have weekly dedicated time to develop in three main areas; to ensure they are:

  • Practically Ready 
  • Intellectually Ready  
  • Emotionally Ready 

The Sixth Form Future Ready Programme has the all-encompassing title of ‘My role in My future’ and students learn about and gain experience in: 

Practically Ready

  • Money management.
  • Project management and events planning.
  • How to take care of oneself in the home and preparation for university. Practical lessons in cookery, planning a pantry and budgeting.
  • The Surrey programme ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive.’ Making our pupils aware of the impact of their actions behind the wheel on themselves and the wider community. 

Intellectually Ready

Pupils are equipped with the skills to plan, monitor, evaluate and make changes to their own learning behaviours.

  • To understand the psychology of learning and gain greater return on one’s learning investment
  • Sustainability  
  • Evolving technology as a resource
  • Bespoke careers advice and lecture series, with 1:1s, UCAS focus, in-depth tailored careers support, communication and meetings with students and parents.

Emotionally Ready

Practical approaches to improve wellbeing.

  • Self-awareness - What values are important to them. 
  • Self-fulfilment - How living these values will bring wellbeing. 
  • Self-motivation - It is up to you - make it happen! 
  • Being members of a global community and help drive change
  • Social events to raise social, cultural and Fundamental British Values awareness
  • Continued PSHEE to prepare students for the wider world e.g., LGBTQ+, safe and stable relationships etc.

There really is no better way to invest in a future than by making time to consider how to evaluate opportunities as they unfold. In our Future Ready programme students focus on what they truly value.