The Royal is academically ambitious for all its pupils and 2023 was consistent with our usual excellent academic record. Many pupils received top marks against our offering of a broad range of A level subjects.  

Catering for the individual is at the heart of the school. This is clear in the array of courses pupils are going on to. In 2023, 80% of students achieved their choice of university and many went on to Russell Group Universities. The courses range from traditional degrees such as Mathematics and Geography to more vocational degrees including Social Anthropology, Computer Science for Cyber Security, Aerospace Engineering and Fashion Business Management.  

These results reinforce The Royal School's reputation for strong academic progress, a robust value-added education and high individual achievement.  

The majority of Sixth Form pupils study three subjects at A level. In addition, pupils take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), being taught the necessary skills during the Lower Sixth year. The EPQ is taught through lessons, lectures, debates and tutor/pupil-led discussions. As such, it prepares pupils for the different teaching styles adopted by tutors at higher education colleges and universities.  

Each year the A level curriculum is defined by pupils’ personal choice of subjects made in the Spring Term of Year 11.