Excellent Value Added

Added Value

‘Added value’ refers to the difference between the GCSE or A Level grades a pupil would get at an ‘average’ school and the grades that they actually achieve. Added value is tracked as part of a long-term project run by Durham University that processes over 40,000 Year 7 pupils per year. In Year 7, pupils sit a MidYIS test and the results are submitted to the project. Over the last 25 years, thousands of pupils’ test scores have been compared with their GCSE results which allows Durham University to provide statistical predictions for each pupil, benchmarked against other pupils. After GCSE results are sent to Durham University, a ‘value added’ score is calculated which analyses the difference between the predicted and actual results.  An ‘average’ score would gain an overall value added score of zero, while a good school might expect an average uplift of a significant proportion of a grade per pupil. Pupils at The Royal School benefit from a consistent uplift in their grades.

Broad Offering

Our wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities provide our pupils with opportunities to develop new skills and interests. We have a full programme of activities run by both Royal School staff and external organisations in order to enhance a pupil's time at The Royal School. The clubs alter each term to reflect the sporting calendar or seasons and many of our clubs are free of charge. 

Future Ready

Part of The Royal School' commitment and vision is to ensure our pupils are future ready for a changing world.

In the last quarter of a century, the world has changed significantly, whilst the curriculum at GCSE and A Level has not altered very much. In a world where AI is significantly prominent, it is more important than ever to make sure we help develop those skills that make us uniquely human. Skills and behaviours that we will grow inside and outside the classroom to set our children up to thrive in the world beyond school. We are after all preparing them for a different world from the one we ourselves experienced at their age.

Royal School pupils benefit from a dedicated Future Ready programme, consisting in a lesson a week from Year 5 right the way through to upper sixth that supports pupils in becoming intellectually, emotionally and practically prepared for future success. This will be their chance to have dedicated time to think creatively, take risks, collaborate, and shine beyond the traditional curriculum.

Digitally Savvy

As part of our digital strategy, all pupils from Year 5 to upper sixth are provided with their own Microsoft Surface Go. Pupils develop the ability to work creatively, independently and collaboratively. All staff and pupils have access to Microsoft’s full suite of Office tools, including very familiar ones such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook, but also some less familiar ones such as OneDrive and OneNote. These tools along with our Creativity & Innovation Hub with its own TV studio, podcast recording room and editing suite allow for an interactive workflow and a modern approach to learning, ensuring our pupils are future ready; digitally literate and savvy.