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Mrs Cerian Parker-Yeates

Mrs Cerian Parker-Yeates


Head of Sixth Form

Watching an inspiringly dedicated student send their excellent application to one of the country’s leading universities is a fantastic reminder of what RSF (Royal Sixth Form) does so well.  

Seeing tension converted to joy as students press the ‘Submit’ button is always a highlight of each year. Knowing every student as we do, being able to authentically highlight what makes them unique in every reference we submit, makes the transition to ‘Sent’ all the more significant. 

Making the Sixth Form truly for Sixth Formers is the best part of my role. We truly know each and every RSF student and are thus able to support them to reach their goals through a strong partnership between teachers, students and parents. Our ethos of collaboration means that we can react to circumstances and maintain the high level of personalisation that we believe our Sixth Formers deserve. 

My first mentor gave me the advice that ‘education is a marathon not a sprint’ and watching our students progress through the senior school and dedicate themselves to their favourite subjects at A Level, never fails to remind me of these words. When they graduate from us to their chosen place of specialised education, I do not think that finishing a 26.2 mile marathon could bring any more satisfaction to the ‘competitor’ nor us at the sidelines cheering them on! 

I was fortunate enough to pursue all of my areas of interest in a montage of careers - from riding international dressage horses, to performing in radio plays, short films and musical theatre. As well as this I had a great experience working in finance in London. Discovering myself continually mentoring in each of these positions, I finally found my true vocation in education. My solid basis in academia gave me a great platform to pursue all of these opportunities and by using my sixth form years to focus on both classroom and super-curricular activities, I was able to forge a career path where there truly are no regrets.  

Life, like education, is a marathon, and having learnt what will truly make each student happy is an area I very much look forward to putting all of my experiences and efforts into when guiding each Sixth Former who comes through our doors. Learning, in a safe yet challenging environment, what one’s own values are is the best preparation for teenagers. Being a part of developing that reflection and critical thinking is a privilege and I remember that everyday as I coach each student through the part of their marathon for which I have the honour to oversee.