Welcome to The Royal School. You find us at a very exciting time in our history, as our Diamond nears completion and we mix our Sixth Form. At The Royal School we now have boys and girls taught in single sex classes from Year 7 - Year 11 and taught together in the Lower Sixth. Our Diamond model of education maintains the well-attested advantages to both genders of an academic curriculum which is developed around their specific needs and learning styles. It optimises learning and minimises distraction. Meanwhile, throughout the Senior School, girls and boys grow up together, taking part in a wide range of co-curricular and social activities and building strong friendships. As the only Diamond School in Surrey, we really are able to offer our pupils the very best of both worlds.


The Royal School is exceptional. Everyone remarks on the warm, friendly atmosphere, the community spirit, the mix of tradition and forward thinking and the enthusiasm of our pupils and staff. We are a school which values all contributions and in which there are no stereotypes. The affirmative, inclusive nature of our School enables pupils of all kinds to shine.    

Our mission statement describes young people whose qualities and qualifications enable them to excel.   The aspirational academic environment  which we foster leaves no doubt that hard work is important to success and our specialist staff look to cultivate deeper interests and passions which will inspire our boys and girls for life. Our excellent examination results and our value added data demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach. The range and quality of higher education courses and careers followed by our former pupils are a reflection of both the absence of stereotyping and the opportunity to maximise talent.  

However, excellence is measured not only by strong A Level grades followed by a prestigious university course but by the human qualities which have grown alongside academic success. At The Royal School, we value Character Education, developing in our pupils the 7Cs – courage, co-operation, curiosity, compassion, creativity and commitment, all of which come from our Christian foundation.  The international life of our School gives an additional layer of diversity which encourages friendship and the sharing of widely different outlooks and values.   

As one of the first academic girls’ schools in England, founded in 1840, The Royal School has seen a great deal of change and challenge.  We are proud of our heritage but look confidently to the future, ensuring that our pupils are well equipped with the academic, social and moral qualities that will enable them to face the 21st century with courage and resolution, whilst always being aware of the needs of those around them.  It is a privilege to lead a school which serves its own individual members so effectively and which sends them out into the world ready to share their gifts and privileges with others.


Mrs Anne JP Lynch, BA (Hons), PGCE, FRSA