Weekend Activities

To ensure that our boarders are provided with a wide range of activities in order to broaden their horizons and to develop their life skills, our weekend programme is carefully planned with the assistance of our boarders.

Saturday trips provide boarders with opportunities to explore England and familiarise themselves with its history, lifestyle, culture and values.  Trips include visits to London, seaside resorts, amusement parks, museums and sports centres.  Sunday activities are both mixed and gender based, with plenty of opportunities for sport and adventure!

The focus in the Autumn term is on developing boarders’ life skills ; specific life-skill enhancing activities are combined with historical trips, shopping and ‘chill-out’ time.  

One example of an Autumn term activity is planning a one week supper menu with the assistance of our chef and the Bursar to ensure that our boarders learn how to put a balanced, healthy menu together and how to budget for it. The ability to plan and prepare nourishing food is a very useful skill for university life and adulthood when our pupils will need to manage their own household.

Activities as diverse as a bread-making afternoon and travelling on London public transport to expose boarders to daily busy life are amongst other exciting activities planned for our boarders in the Autumn term.

The Spring term is focused on developing inquisitiveness and discovering leadership potential and developing these characteristics through a range of activities while having a lot of fun.

Event organising is just one example when every boarder gets an opportunity to organise an event for our community. Planning, budgeting, engaging their peers, enjoying the event and having a sense of achievement at the end are all included in the package.

The Summer term comes with a lot of adventure activities which teach our boarders to take a risk in a safe way, to persevere in order to succeed and enjoy experiencing the unknown. Tree climbing, canoeing, camping, surfing and orienteering are just a few of the many varied outdoor activities which are planned for the Summer term.

We publish a detailed list of the boarding programme at the beginning of each term and also share our experience and achievements with you, our parents, in our half-termly newsletters.