Pastoral Care

Our staff provide excellent pastoral support to the children in their care through kindness, empathy and compassion. The Royal School’s affirmative culture results in secure and confident children who are well-placed to fulfil their potential.

Class teachers are primarily responsible for the pastoral care of their pupils although all Junior School staff know all the children well and are ready to help with any problems which may arise. At the beginning of the year, pupils work closely with their class teachers to negotiate Class Charters. Each form has its own Charter which expresses preferred attitudes and behaviours. Good, polite and positive behaviour is rewarded through weekly badge awards and house points.

Children regularly have the opportunity to discuss matters of concern as part of the PSHE programme in the Junior School. All pupils are aware that staff members are available to support them in times of challenge or difficulty. In addition, the School Council provides an alternative route for children who may lack the confidence to speak to an adult in the first instance.