The Royal School has three boarding houses: Queen Elizabeth II (QEII), Queen Victoria (QV) and Prince of Wales (Wales). All are in a unique setting with breath-taking views that are an exceptional feature of The Royal School campus. As well as housing full and weekly boarders, the houses also offer flexi-boarding.

The environment where boarders are educated and where they reside is an integral part of their education in the broadest sense. The beauty of the surroundings combined with its tranquility, provide our boarders with the perfect home and ideal environment for their studies.


The opening of the Prince of Wales boarding house in September 2016 makes it now possible to offer boys in Years 7 – 11 the unique experience of boarding life as well as being fully involved in the School community. Boarding boys have enriched our Royal School family with their presence, creating new dynamics and contributing fresh ideas. 

What does Prince of Wales House have to offer?

Prince of Wales is quite unusual in that it is founded and run upon Principles and Practice developed by the boys themselves. House Parents oversee all that happens within the House, but it is the boys themselves who run the house, in a climate where innovation and independence are highly valued and where there is a great willingness and drive to respect and further the boys’ developing ideas. 

Boys enjoy the freedom of finding their own voice and experimenting with the tools of leadership, whilst all the time being well supported and encouraged as they grow in independence and empowerment. Additionally, Cavern Social (Prince of Wales Social Club), affords every boy the opportunity to find expression through music, sport and business pursuits as these nightly clubs are run and managed by the boys themselves. 

What does it feel like within Prince of Wales House? 

“There is a strong pervading feeling of independence, as well as strong bonds of friendship.” C. Li, Head of House

Why choose to come here? 

Prince of Wales House is quite simply unique in allowing you to take the reins and develop into the young leader you have always dreamed! A school small enough to allow individuals to flourish, but large enough to ensure breadth of opportunity. Old enough to have developed an excellent academic tradition, but forward thinking enough to constantly assess what we do – towards a future where leadership and innovation comes naturally.


Queen Victoria (QV) houses girl boarders from the Senior School (Years 7 - 11).  Girls share a room with three to four other boarders, which means there is always somebody to talk to.  Each girl has her own furnished area which includes a notice board that may be covered with posters and pictures from home and there is access to a wireless (filtered) network throughout.

A large, newly refurbished common room with flat screen TV with Freeview, DVD player, Wii, games and books is available. The common room also has kitchen facilities for boarders to prepare snacks and drinks. Additionally, there is a mixed common room, where boys and girls can socialise and a fully equipped computer suite is available for evening prep or leisure time.

The school gym can be used in free time and includes many aerobic machines as well as free weights, Swiss balls and yoga mats. 

There are resident members of staff to ensure boarders are supervised and cared for 24 hours a day. 


This boarding house is for Sixth Formers and was opened in 1989 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Designed along university campus lines, it comprises single and twin study bedrooms where each room has a broadband connection as well as WiFi coverage throughout the entire house. Ample storage space is provided via cabin beds or low beds with separate furniture. Some bunk beds are used for flexi boarding.

There is a recently refurbished lecture theatre, used for lectures, teaching, assemblies and house activities, with a large projector screen and home theatre surround sound which is also very popular for weekend movie sessions.

Sixth Formers enjoy a large comfortable common room with flat screen TV with Freeview, a piano, and cooking facilities. Tea, coffee and snacks are provided throughout the day.

In 2017/18, a new gym was installed and a cafe/common room has been created in the buildings right outside QEII.