Food Glorious food

At the Royal School we are passionate about food and the impact a healthy, balanced diet can have on a pupil’s wellbeing and performance in school life.


We provide a diverse selection of meals, which are almost entirely made from fresh ingredients. This means that pupils are filled with the right nutrients and energy throughout the day, helping them to fully concentrate and achieve success academically.

Our menus are seasonal, and run on a three week rotation. The menus are accredited by Anna-Maria Holt BSc RD from Pelican Nutrition Services.

Our in-house catering team provide three meals a day for our boarders and lunch for our day pupils. We have full traceability through our suppliers.


We cater for specific dietary requirements. All our chefs are trained to cater for pupils’ allergen and religious needs; including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and egg free diets.


Our dairy, eggs and bread are supplied by Hookley Farm in Elstead.

Fruit and vegetables are supplied by Ellis Food Services.

Meat is supplied by Kaighin and Daughter, a small family butcher in Grayshott.

Fish is supplied by Johnsons Enterprise in Portsmouth.


If your child has any food allergies or you would like to discuss your child’s dietary needs, please speak to our Domestic Bursar, Matthew Short.

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Tel - 01428 603002