Boarding Staff Profiles


I was born, and have spent most of my life, in Hampshire.  My husband, John, and I have four children and of my three daughters, all of whom were educated at The Royal School, Amy was one of the youngest ever to board here! 

My three daughters have gone on from The Royal to follow very successful careers (doctor, barrister and educational consultant), and I very much wanted to give something back to the school that went a long way to make all this possible. 

I have a degree in Education and, as a Primary School teacher, my main interest has always been educational research; particularly how children learn and the problems that young children encounter in their learning.   Over many years of teaching, my heart was more and more drawn to the social and emotional care that underpins the ability to learn.  This, together with considerable personal experience of boarding (through my children), led me into the world of boarding. 

I very much enjoy providing the all-round care that ensures a quality home-from-home experience for boarders; an experience that ensures they can thrive socially in the boarding house, and most importantly, in their education and general development. 

As well as bringing up my own four children, I have thus far helped to bring up at least another eight.  At the weekends, I am enjoying learning to ring the bells for my local church and most surprisingly, after many years, am currently taking an interest in baking!   Most recently, I have taken up flower arranging and am engaged in making my first ever quilt.  Busy busy.    


I was born and raised in a country town in New South Wales, Australia. I went to boarding school and after completing my HSC I came to England for my first Gap Year. I then spent two and a half years working on the family farm before deciding to return to the UK.

I decided to choose a boarding school placement having been a boarder myself.  Being closer to their age I hoped I could be both a big sister to younger boarders and a mentor.

I have recently taken on the role of Assistant Housemistress in the Queen Victoria House and I enjoy having more responsibility and playing more of a leadership role in the House.

As well as my duties in the boarding house I contribute to the work of the PE Department and get an opportunity to interact with the day pupils.

At the same time I am preparing for my examinations to qualify as a paramedic in Australia, something I have wanted to do for a while.

Being in the UK has also enabled me to travel around the British Isles and I hope to visit Europe as well before I return to Australia.