Art and Design

Art and Design is seen as a fundamental part of the whole School creative experience. The department aims to nurture and empower each pupil in their appreciation of the role and importance of Art and Design as a creative tool for personal expression and its dynamic role in the world of work. This is reflected in our ongoing successes with 70 - 100% of our Art A Level pupils taking this further into higher education across the specialist areas of art, textiles and photography.

Below is a link to our Art & Design Portfolio. This is an online resource that showcases examples of Art projects from all years in the Senior School. Aside from the online gallery, there is also a password protected ‘Resources’ area that contains learning resources for students, to help them with their studies. 

Click here for The Royal School Art & Design Portfolio


We offer Photography at GCSE level and above as an optional subject. This is a popular choice for students and it allows them access a creative subject area where they can develop traditional photography skills alongside digital image manipulation and photo editing techniques. In an age when many schools are closing down darkroom facilities, we have kept this running in conjunction with digital lens-based media. After gaining an understanding of working with the principles that underpin photography, students branch into their own discoveries and pursue projects that are directed by their own interests and ideas.    

Students gain an experience of Textiles from Year 7 to Year 9 where they encounter a range of projects that bring them into contact with machine work, a variety of decoration and dying techniques and the use of patterns to create their own functional garments. We continue to offer the subject at GCSE and through to A Level in the Sixth Form. Students working at this end of the spectrum are encouraged to develop original themes and specialise in developing ideas and techniques individually. This leads to diverse and exciting outcomes and no ‘house style’.  

The role of Design and Technology is an area of growing importance within the department and the whole school community. It is able to offer a range of technologies in metal, plastic and wood within a modern Design and Technology curriculum. The facility includes computer aided design and manufacturing, alongside traditional construction techniques and it allows students to explore a diverse range of processes. In Years 7-9, Design and Technology offers boys and girls a dynamic opportunity to extend their skills in design and making with an awareness of depleting natural resources. We also offer courses at GCSE and A Level in this subject, providing opportunities to progress onto careers relating to design, engineering and construction.