Art and Design

Art and Design is seen as a fundamental part of the whole school creative experience. The department aims to nurture and empower each student in their appreciation of the role and importance of Art and Design as a creative tool for personal expression and its dynamic role in the world of work. This is reflected in our ongoing successes with 70 - 100% of our Art A Level students taking this further into higher education across the specialist areas of art, textiles and photography.

Below is a link to our Art & Design Portfolio. This is an online resource that showcases examples of Art projects from all years in the Senior School. Aside from the online gallery, there is also a password protected ‘Resources’ area that contains learning resources for students, to help them with their studies.  

Click here for The Royal School Art & Design Portfolio



Design and Technology

The role of Design and Technology is an area of growing importance within the department and the whole School community. It is able to offer a range of technologies in metal, plastic and wood within a modern Design and Technology curriculum. The facility includes computer aided design and manufacturing and allows students to explore a range of digital processes.  Our approach offers students a dynamic opportunity to extend their skills in design and making with an awareness of depleting natural resources. This provides opportunities to progress onto careers including: design, engineering and construction.