Year 9 Entry - 13+ external applicants

Applicants are invited to meet the Principal in advance and, in consultation with their current School, 13+ applicants may choose whether to complete optional Pre-testing at 11+.

Pre-testing at 11+ (optional)

November in Year 6  References are requested from each applicant's current school. 
December in Year 6  Final deadline for registration for Pre-testing at 11+ (usually the last day of The Royal School's autumn term). 
January in Year 6

The Royal School’s own assessments in English and Mathematics in addition to a computer-based assessment and an interview with the Principal. 

Offers to successful applicants, conditional on continued good progress at current school.

March in Year 6 Deadline for acceptance of conditional offers (usually first Monday in March).

Testing at 13+ (all candidates)

November in Year 8

Year 9 Preview Day – applicants spend a day in School with their peers to familiarise themselves with the learning environment.

The criteria for Scholarship Awards are published.

References are requested from each pupil's current school, including updated references for those who sat Pre-testing at 11+.

January in Year 8

13+ assessments: The Royal School's own papers in English, Mathematics, Science and either French or Spanish, plus an interview with the Principal.

Academic Scholarships may be awarded on the basis of performance in the written papers.

Optional Sport and Expressive Arts (Art, Drama & Music) Scholarship assessments.

Confirmed letters of offer (and Scholarship offers, if applicable) issued to successful applicants.

March in Year 8 Deadline for acceptance of offers of places and Scholarships (usually first Monday in March).


All pupils entering at 13+ will still be required to sit Common Entrance Examinations at their current school where appropriate.